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  Jun 15, 2024

New York: Resignation of Testamentary Trustee Requires Court Approval

In New York, under current law, a testamentary trustee must obtain court approval...

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  Mar 10, 2024

🔑Trustee's Duty of Impartiality

🚧 Under Construction...

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  Mar 05, 2024

🔑Standard for a Contested Accounting Proceeding in New York

This post gives the standard for a contested accounting proceeding in New York...

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  Jan 17, 2024

🔑 Uniform Trust Code (UTC) - Excerpts and Notes

🚧 Under Construction...

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  Feb 09, 2023

David Goldfarb on Effecting Legislative Change in New York

Good work is being done by lawyers on a volunteer basis countless times across the United States, but we rarely learn about it....

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  Dec 17, 2022

Good News: Gov. Hochul Vetoed NY Power of Attorney Bill Requiring Notice to Co-Trustee or Co-Beneficiary

New Yorkers should continue to oppose the proposed law....

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  Jun 09, 2022

NY Power of Attorney: Bill Requiring Notice to Co-Trustee or Co-Beneficiary Passes Legislature, But Has Serious Problems!

The new law would literally be a breaking development as it is unworkable....

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  Feb 11, 2022

When to Update Your Estate Plan

At least every five years and after circumstances change....

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  Feb 09, 2022

Peak Trust Company is Expanding to Delaware

On February 8, 2022, Peak Trust Company announced that it received conditional approval for a national charter and will open an office under this charter in Wilmington, Delaware in June 2022....

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