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  Oct 30, 2023

Deciphering the Confusion: Understanding New York's Two New Rules on Affirmations

On October 25, 2023, Gov. Kathy Hochul signed two laws that expand who...

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  Oct 18, 2023

Transfer on Death Deed in New York? The Proposal Needs Better Statutory Language

New York lawmakers are considering proposing legislation that would allow transfer on death...

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  Oct 17, 2023

Reducing Taxes: "seems as natural as breathing"

Reducing taxes is different from avoiding taxes....

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  Oct 16, 2023

Black Letter Law Has Many White Spaces: The Myth of Simple Legal Rules

It's common for people who are not familiar with the legal...

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  Oct 14, 2023

Estate of Confusion in New York: Idea & Topics

📖The landing page for the forthcoming book is here. Today, I thought of...

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  Oct 09, 2023

🔑 What Is the Date for a Testamentary Trust Under New York Law?

There is no one date for a testamentary trust under New York law....

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  Oct 08, 2023

Does a Process Server Have to Testify at an Inquest in NYC Housing Court?

The answer isn't straightforward....

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  Jul 28, 2023

Your Power of Attorney Means Nothing to the Social Security Administration

"[I]f you have power of attorney for someone who is incapable of managing his or her own benefits, you must still apply to serve as his or her payee," says the SSA....

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  May 17, 2022

Record Confirmatory Deed for Specific Devise in NY, Suggests Daniel Reiter in Lawline CLE

NY lawyers don't have to rely on an executor's deed for a specific devise. There is a better tool!...

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