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  Mar 07, 2024

Form: Updated NY Property Condition Disclosure Statement (Revised Jan. 2024)

As of March 7, 2024, the New York Department of State's...

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  Oct 18, 2023

Transfer on Death Deed in New York? The Proposal Needs Better Statutory Language

New York lawmakers are considering proposing legislation that would allow transfer on death...

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  Oct 13, 2023

NYC Restriction on Short-Term Rentals Goes Into Effect

New York City has recently implemented a law restricting short-term rentals, such as...

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  Oct 06, 2023

Why You Need to Ensure Your New York Revocable Trust Has Title to Your Assets

In New York, for a revocable trust to work, title to assets must...

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  Sep 29, 2023

New York: Residential Leases Must Now Have a Flood Disclosure

On December 23, 2022, Gov. Hochul signed A07876-A/S05472-A into law, requiring every...

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  Sep 28, 2023

Three Recent Changes to New York's Property Condition Disclosure Statement

New York lawmakers recently made three changes to the Property Condition Disclosure Statement...

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  Sep 27, 2023

Two Noteworthy Charts from Trump's Fraud Case

Yesterday, New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ruled (NYSEF Doc. No. 1531)...

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  Sep 15, 2023

🔑 Sample IRC 199A Rental Real Estate Safe Harbor Statement

On December 22, 2017, Congress enacted IRC § 199A as part of the Tax...

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  Sep 12, 2023

Two Reasons NYC Real Estate Prices Have Remained Relatively Steady Despite Skyrocketing Mortgage Interest Rates

In the YouTube short below, Sean Devine, a NYC real estate broker with...

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  Sep 11, 2023

Be Careful: NYC HPD Allows Walk-Ins Only on Some Days

Some New York City landlords (such as those for multiple dwellings) are required...

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  Jul 29, 2023

New York: Preliminary Executor Has No Statutory Authority to Sell Specific Devise

New York law treats specific devises differently from residuary devises. We can see...

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