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  Sep 17, 2023

What Is the Art of Estate Planning and Will Drafting?

In New York Will Drafting - Fundamentals, Carl T. Baker locates the art...

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  Sep 14, 2023

What Does It Mean When a Power of Attorney is "Durable"?

"Durable" is just one word (an adjective), but it explains why powers of attorney are so powerful and why they are an essential tool in every estate plan....

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  Jul 19, 2023

Where Is a Will Likely to Be Found?

Be thorough in your search....

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  Feb 13, 2022

Share the Location of Your Will, or It Will Be Worthless

If you are safekeeping your will, then you must tell someone where it can be found....

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  Feb 12, 2022

"I Love You" Will Might Not Show Love to Surviving Spouse

While an "I love you" will is appealing because of its simplicity, it has downsides....

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  Feb 11, 2022

When to Update Your Estate Plan

At least every five years and after circumstances change....

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