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  Oct 18, 2023

Transfer on Death Deed in New York? The Proposal Needs Better Statutory Language

New York lawmakers are considering proposing legislation that would allow transfer on death...

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  Oct 11, 2023

๐Ÿ”‘ Understanding Estate Administration: Taxpayer IDs and Income Reporting After a Death

In estate administration, after someone dies, there are different taxpayers, with different tax...

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  Oct 06, 2023

Why You Need to Ensure Your New York Revocable Trust Has Title to Your Assets

In New York, for a revocable trust to work, title to assets must...

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  Oct 05, 2023

New York: Revocable Trusts are Not Subject to the Family Allowance

Question: In New York, does a living trust have to pay the family...

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  Oct 04, 2023

New York: Revocable Trusts are Subject to a Surviving Spouse's Right of Election

In New York, assets that are transferred to a revocable trust are subject...

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  Sep 27, 2023

Two Noteworthy Charts from Trump's Fraud Case

Yesterday, New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ruled (NYSEF Doc. No. 1531)...

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