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  Oct 13, 2023

Social Security Benefits Will Increase by 3.2% in 2024

According to the Social Security Administration, the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income...

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  Sep 09, 2023

Who Should Contribute to a Roth Account?

When it comes to contributing to a Roth account, there are a few...

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  Aug 28, 2023

Free Money: Why Keeping a Low-Interest Mortgage May Be a Smart Financial Move

I recently spoke with a friend (who has, at times, also been a...

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  Aug 12, 2023

Traditional IRA v. Roth IRA

Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs differ in several ways: Traditional IRA Roth IRA...

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  Aug 09, 2023

4 Ways You Can Prepare for a Falling Stock Market

You can take several steps to prepare for a declining stock market. Bruce...

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  Aug 07, 2023

Net Sales v. Profit

While watching Shark Tank with a friend, we realized we weren't...

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  Aug 04, 2023

How Does Inflation Impact Your Money?

Inflation can impact your money in several ways: * It can decrease your buying...

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  Aug 01, 2023

How Much Should You Save In Your Emergency Fund?

A recent CNBC and Momentive report reveals that fewer than 50% of Americans...

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  Apr 03, 2022

What is a Death-Put Feature of a Certificate of Deposit?

It allows a decedent's estate to redeem the CD at face value....

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  Apr 02, 2022

What Is a Callable Certificate of Deposit?

As interest rates rise, will this type of investment become popular?...

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  Feb 19, 2022

Saving for Retirement is Important: It Can Make You a Millionaire

If your employer offers a retirement savings plan, try to contribute the maximum amount....

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